Be your own manager: 6 strategies to adopt as a musician

5 Strategy to becoming your own manager
Nat Jay, A successful self-managed music artist, song writer, publisher

As an independent artist, you live in a Do it Yourself world. You picture your future and get to work turning it into reality.

You will face fundamental decisions in every stage of your career while picking your own quest.

This is what a manager is, the most important member of a musicians team.

Being a manager is a role most musicians find themselves playing in the initial phase of their career.

This role can be overwhelming sometimes, below are some strategies that help you be your own manager as an indie musician.

1. Get coordinated

As a manager, you are the middleman for every transaction or collaboration pertaining to the musician’s career. Managers also deal with plenty of spinning plates.

You must be coordinated as much as possible if you are going to be winning at managing yourself as an independent music artist.

Take a better-structured perspective than the one you might use in your creative process because you rep the business aspect of your career as an indie artist.

To keep you on track, and make you a credible champion for the musician you represent, you have to make a plan for your daily activities, set reminders, setting up a filing system, and sustaining a consistent roster of actions to take.

2. Get knowledgeable

As a manager, you are the middleman between all working partners and the musician, this is why you must become well informed as much as possible about most aspect of the music industry

Areas such as single & album releases, gigs bookings, publishing, music marketing, publicity, music contracts, and so on are key knowledge to hold as a manager.

A manager’s main expectation is to organize the general direction of a musician’s career and the more knowledgeable about the music industry you are, the better your vision of the direction you want your career to go becomes clear.

Besides, when you are coming up as an artist, there is a probability that you will be the one to do the duties concerning most of these areas until you get to the stage when you can afford to pay people for these roles.

The benefit of all these is that, when you get to that point, you already know what you want and who you choose to be part of your team.

3. Get money savvy

As the manager, you are the supervising person for the finances of an artist, so knowing what you are doing in terms of monitoring effectively the outgoing as well as incoming cash or valuables is an important skill to have if you want to make a living from your music as an independent artist.

Get a free online money management course or look for apps to help you organize expenditures, receivables, and payables and also track your revenue.

Information you gather from this can be used in the future to get grants or loans or even sort out tax issues.

It can also be used to determine progress, know your area of strength and weakness in how capable you are of generating revenue as a musician.

The role of a manager is to look out for opportunities that are beneficial to a musician, and therefore, this information is incredibly needed if you must know channels to chase for gains and areas that needed improvement.

That been said, make that bold step and learn about ways an indie artist like you can make money in the music industry, and use that acquired knowledge to break the barrier of success.

4. Get acquainted

As the go-to person pertaining to your career, you must be able to connect and get along with other people as your own manager.

You are your own ambassador so you must put in the work to represent your brand and business fronts.

Honor industry events, attend workshops, conferences, arrange meetings, honor other music artist’s invitations, and network first with others within your local environment before taking off nationally then worldwide.

Print business cards and rehearse simple elevator pitches around who you are, what you do, and projects you have in the works.

Try to be courteous with the information and make the effort to get to know others in different areas of the industry.

To get them interested in you, show how genuinely interested you are in what they do.

5. Get Social Media Savvy

Many independent artists have used social media to unlock their fame and reach out to millions of potential fans like never before.

As a self-managed artist, learning how social media works puts you ahead of many other artists competing for attention from potential fans.

This as far as we are concern is a no-brainer.

Follow other artists, connect with influencers, interact with fans, share memes and announce upcoming projects, the power social media gives you as an independent artist is limitless.

6. Get help: When you are ready to hire a manager

Most music artists want to get a manager right from the jump, but you dont have the needs for a manager till you start to generate enough income to be able to part away with 15-20% of it.

If you are not generating enough money, managing you won’t be worth the while and not a good use of your money.

It may appear to be easier to allow a friend who wants to act as your manager to take control of your business, but most prosperous musicians are the ones who invest time into building the business aspect of their music brand and create a solid ground for an easy and fruitful management partnership later on in their career.

Nat Jay is an example of a successful recording artist and a songwriter who managed her career, self-publishing her works.

Her music has been used in films, and TV shows worldwide.

She also has a new album out titled Flash of a Fight, stream it here.

Nat Jay is also an established music consultant and instructor of music business just to mention a few.

What are you waiting for? Become your own music manager today, take that giant step and get to work in making your dreams come through.

Written by Oga Merrit


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