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On today’s topic of what’s happening on Facebook, Mr. Sweetness, Ayila Waya takes us through the latest song by Vector featuring the beautiful Good Girl LA titled Early Momo.

A worthy read if you are the Early Momo type of person.

“You haven’t lived, until you’ve had yourself a steamy nooky session at the break of dawn.

The sensation is absolutely mystique and it comes heavily loaded in cosmic proportions.

You just feel yourself helplessly and happily evaporating into nothingness.

Orgasmic waves, rippling pleasurably through you and coinciding with the sound of a cock crowing.

I can’t really put in words.
But Vector & Good-Girl-LA have put it in a song.

Perfectly, it’s titled “early momo”.
The Chemistry between them is so intense as they weave their lines to inch-perfection on this duet.

Slowly and softly dropping metaphorical bars with plain words to erotic effect. 

How a song can be so soft yet so strong is akin to the mystery with which nooky at dawn can kickstart your day and put a spring in your steps.

Vector starts calmly, maintains the rhythm all through and Good-Girl-LA matches his energy.

She takes it all in with gusto then gives it back in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Just imagine all of this, happening toward the climax of the wee hours of the morning. 

SWEETNESS is just the word for it.

If you’ve neither been there nor done that then honestly you haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed THE SWEETNESS OF “EARLY MOMO” 

Stream Early Momo by Vector ft. Good Girl LA for free below.

Written by Oga Merrit


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